The W&S petition has been submitted to the County with 132 out of 200 residents in Lynwood Lakes signing. About 50% of the adjoining properties on Van Noppen and Melissa Lane also approved.

The petition must now be presented to the County Commissioners for approval. This is expected to happen at the December Commissioners meeting.


County and City representatives were on hand for a meeting held Tuesday, June 19 at Moriah United Methodist Church. A concept map was presented showing the most likely routes for water and sewer. Fees and other considerations were discussed.

Click Here to view the Concept Map

Click Here to view the slide show presentation

On Thursday, 2/15/2007, Ms. Betty Garret from the County presented a lot of good information on the water and sewer issue during a community meeting at Moriah United Methodist Church. We thank her for taking this time with us. Special thanks as well to Tony Bigham for organizing and promoting this meeting.


Water and Sewer Issue--FAQs 

Note: the answers below are based on personal notes and impressions and are not official. Where an opinion is stated or implied, such opinion is not to be construed as coming from Lynco Club.

What does it take to get W&S?

51% of the owners must sign a petition.  The percentage calculation is based on road frontage. If the property is in joint names or the residents are married, both must sign.


What are the costs?

Current assessment rates are $1,800 for the "T" plus $20 per road frontage foot. This covers both water and sewer.


These assessments apply regardless of whether or not you connect. These assessments are subject to change. An increase to $30 per foot has recently been implemented. However, we have been told the $20 rate will apply if a valid petition is received by 9/1/2007.


If you connect, there is a meter fee of $165-$185.  A County acreage fee of about $500 per acre for water and $500 per acre for sewer will also be due. The total of these connection costs for a 1 acre lot with 100 feet of road frontage is $4,140. The City also charges usage fees of $1,470 for water and $1,485 for sewer. With these fees included, the $4,100 would become $7,095. However, the City usage fees may be waived for homes permitted prior to 7/1/89.


You must also cover the cost to have lines run from the mains to your house. If gravity feed is not possible, a pump may be required. The cost to hire a plumber to make the connection could run several thousand dollars.


Once connected, you will be subject to usage fees at double the rate currently charged to city residents. One of our residents on Lynnwood Drive who is already connected to sewer indicates that the quarterly charge is about $120.  Connection may be required if your septic system represents a health hazard or if your well is close to the pipeline (25 feet) or a manhole (100 feet). Water fees involve a fixed cost plus charges which vary with consumption.


All fees stated are estimates and subject to change.


Does Water and Sewer Enhance Property Values?

Opinion from local real estate sales person: “hooking onto the water & sewer allows you to sell your house easier, but it doesn’t add to the appraised value of the house.  It’s just that some people are uncomfortable with the idea of a well / septic system”.  Any potential gain to property values may also be offset by the number of previously non-buildable lots that are added to the inventory


Will having W&S already in place accelerate annexation?



If we wait for annexation, will the W&S will cost much more?

Assessments are likely to be higher in the future than at present.


Will the sewer lines run through my back yard and mess up my landscaping?

Please refer to the Concept Map to see the proposed route for your property. Most of the lines will run along the street within 15 feet from the edge of the roadway.


The assessments are based on road frontage and apply to both sides of the street?



Vacant lots are also assessed?

True, unless you can prove that the lot is non-buildable, even with a sewer connection. Also, the $1,800 charge for the "T" does not apply to vacant lots.


Corner lots may not be charged the full assessment?

True. Up to 150 feet may be deducted.

















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