Drawing winners:


  $ 3000.00 Wayne Johnson

     2000.00  Mike Otto

     1000.00  Rick Lewis


To joint the Asphalt Plant Alert list, email: noasphaltplant@yahoo.com



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Documents: Websites:
Original Planning Board Filing (note: 2 MB PDF) www.stopasphalt.com
Documents provided by developers http://www.noasphalt.com/
University of North Carolina / Duke Study
Raised Suicide Rate Due to Nearby Asphalt Plants?  

Oprah Article--Cancer and Suicide in Salisbury

Commissioners website: http://www.co.guilford.nc.us/commissioners/meetingarchives.html
Pictures: Planning Board website: http://www.co.guilford.nc.us/planning_cms/ (see next link)
Pictures from tour of local asphalt plant by area residents (includes detailed map/site plan)


8/21 Protest Rally--Rained Out!


Pictures Here



PB Staff reports: http://www.co.guilford.nc.us/planning_cms/staffreports.html(Click May #1 and # 4)
See pictures of the 5/9 protest and Planning Board meeting here GIS Mapping: http://gisweb02.co.guilford.nc.us/guilford/default.htmNote: Map may load slowly. 
  Detailed information on the company interested in building the asphalt plant: http://www.vecelliogroup.com/whatsnew033b.htm


As of 9/10/2007

Okay folks-
We need to make sure the County Commissioners continue to hear us, loud and clear.  I was shocked and amazed at the total lack of respect that the majority of them showed to their constituents.  
They need to know that their constituents won't put up with such behavior.  I've been contacted by some other citizens groups who had the same experience.  We will be banding together to instigate change.  It has to start somewhere and we need to be vocal about our displeasure.
That said, here's what we need:
  A minimum of 3 volunteers to attend EVERY commissioners meeting (5 would be better if we can!   In the opening portion there is a 30 minute public speaking period.  Every speaker gets only 3 minutes but you are allowed to speak your mind without interruption from them.  They must listen to every speaker!!! 
 Meetings start at 5:30, we'll be out of there by 6:00 so it won't take long.  We just need to keep our faces in front of them. 
Schedule:  Meetings are on Thursdays, 300 W. Market St. Council Chambers, 2nd floor
   Sept:  20th
   Oct:  4th
   Oct.  18th
   Nov.   1st
   Nov    15th
   Dec    6th.
Please email me and let me know which of these you might be able to attend.  Linda Moore and I will be at the 9/20 meeting but it would be good to have at least 2-3 more at that meeting if you can.
Thank you all-



As of 8/24/2007

County Commissioners approved the rezoning request 9-2 and the special use permit (allowing the asphalt plant to locate here) 8-3. So, it looks like we’ll soon have an asphalt plant for a neighbor. That being the case, look next for the whole area around the rock quarry to become an industrial park.


Billy Yow set the tone by being the first to speak in opposition and continued his attack throughout the proceedings, undermining what little expert testimony those in opposition to the plant were able to muster on a meager budget. Billy’s district, at least at the time of the last election, included much of our area.


Carolyn Coleman, whose district includes the site location, was the biggest supporter, followed by Linda Shaw. Both voted against the propositions.


At Large representatives Parks and Gibson voted in favor of rezoning and special use. Kirk Perkins was the third “nay” vote on the special use permit proposition.


Rene Staley led this fight all the way. The organization she helped found is now in serious need of funds to cover legal expenses. Raffle tickets are being offered at $20 each with a top prize of $3,000. Please contact noasphaltplant@yahoo.com to participate.



8/21 Protest Rally--Rained Out! Pictures Here




Direct link to story:


An appeal has been filed with the Guilford County Commissioners. The hearing will be August 23.

As of 8/18/2007

Per Rene Staley:

Hey everyone-
 Check out the FRONT PAGE of the News & Record for Saturday, 8/18!!!
    " a gazillion emails"........you guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
If at all possible, please come to the rally on Tuesday at 5:30.  We need more media coverage.  It will be short-about 30 minutes-we need a big crowd-bring your children and your grandchildren.  We'll have some signs and be asking for comments from the crowd.
Thanks for all you are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As of 7/23/2007

Per Rene Staley:

 I want to thank everyone that came out to the Hot Dog sale and raffle on Saturday, as well as those of you that could not attend but sent contributions of food, money and prizes. It  was a beautiful day for enjoying the lakeside picnic area, making us all reflect on the importance of protecting the quality of our air and water in our area. 
Hot dog sales, raffle ticket sales and some generous contributions gave us a big boost to the legal fund--approximately $1200.00!!! 
Also, I must offer a BIG THANKS to all of you that pitched in to help with the event.  Shopping, food preparation, securing raffle prizes, cooking and cleaning up is a big job when you're planning a party for 100's.  This event could not have been possible without your help. I am very grateful for your willingness to jump in and do whatever it took to make this happen.
Now we really need to get focused on August 23rd.  We need an intense media blitz from now until the day.  Let's get busy again and email the County Commissioners.  Let's get letters in the News & Record and the Rhino Times.   Any and every media outlet that we can gain exposure with is another opportunity for us to be heard.  We need volunteers and residents willing to speak at the meeting, especially those of you who live on Old Liberty Place and anyone who has a house for sale that feels that this issue has had a negative impact on your sales efforts. 
More later about other issues-thanks again for all you're doing. 
The Steering Committee


As of 6/11/2007

Per Rene Staley:


Rodney Williams has kindly offered to donate the signs in the attached photo for your yard if you will call him.  He will make the sign and put it up in your yard!!  You may reach Rodney at 275-6614.


As of 6/11/2007

Message from Rene Staley


Just a quick wrap up of the meeting we had Thursday, 6/7.  Lou Zeller and Sue Dayton of Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League provided an informative presentation on asphalt plants.  They also gave us some suggestions to refute some of the negative comments we encountered at the Planning Board Meeting.

There were approximately 30 attendees, and thanks to all of you who were able to attend.  Near the end of the meeting Lou explained about membership to BREDL.  There are two ways for us to affiliate ourselves with them.  First, our organization- WISE-must request to become a chapter of BREDL.  We took a vote and it was approved by a majority that we should send the letter of request.  I sent the letter to BREDL on Friday morning and we are waiting Board Member approval
The second way we affiliate ourselves with BREDL is to become individual members.  Membership is $ 20.00 per person per year.  I should be receiving membership applications soon and will make them available to you.  I would like to encourage all of you to become members.  I don't know where the  funds come from to support BREDL, but I am sure they rely on membership fees to help defer costs.  Lou and Sue volunteered to drive from western NC to meet with us without any request of compensation.  Additionally, they have offered to meet with us again as we organize our chapter and formulate our plans for the appeal.
To those of you that offered to serve on a committee, I will get with you shortly and plan a meeting.  We have a lot of things to discuss and I value your input.
Thanks again for all you are doing-


Petition Results


We had a total of 1,107 signatures-this breakdown is about half of that.

Forest Oaks area:  151 signatures

Pleasant Garden, Julian & south  97 signatures
Lynwood Lakes  201
Liberty Rd, Wiley Lewis Rd.  71
Old Liberty Place  44
Liberty Valley 32  (this area was not thoroughly canvassed due to lack of volunteers)
Holiday Hills    81

The other signatures are presumably from the same area. But, the street names are not as easily recognizable as those included in the counts above.


As of 6/5/2007

Message from Rene Staley


Let's don't forget to continue sending emails to County Commissioners and Alma Adams.  I have sent out an attachment with address info previously.  If you do not have it please email me and I will resend. 


More public awareness- We are going to launch a "Tie a Ribbon" campaign and will be working to get media coverage of this.  We're thinking of using Blue Ribbons symbolic of clean air and water.  We want to blanket the area-trees, mail boxes, lamp posts, car antennas.  We will be selling the ribbon for a nominal fee to cover the cost of ribbon and put some funds into the account. 


Contributions- Thank you to everyone who has send a check.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  But we're still a long way from our goal.  Please, if you can send just a small contribution-  10 or 20 dollars, it will help.  


Flyer- I am attaching a new flyer with info about the meeting and the fund for your reference.  If any of you can print it out and distribute in your neighborhood it would be great. 


Committees - We need volunteers.  We have 2 committees.  One is the strategy committee which meets with the attorney.  It is composed of only a couple of people from each community.  The second is to be a steering committee-a group to help coordinate fund raising, ribbon campaigns, meetings, etc, basically anything that needs to be done.  If you can give some time for our cause it would be greatly appreciated.   Please email me if you can help in any way.  Noasphaltplant@yahoo.com


Thank you all for your work and words of encouragement.  It will take all of us working together to defeat this thing, but I believe we have a good chance with the County Commissioners. 



More later-





As of 5/9/2007

The Guilford County Planning Board voted 7-0 to approve both the rezoning from residential to heavy industrial and the special use permit for an asphalt plant.


What Now?

An appeal has been filed with the Guilford County Commissioners. The hearing will be August 23. Suggestions from the committee to stop the asphalt plant:



Please make checks payable to Watchdogs of the South East
Mail to:  Rene Staley
               P O Box 16343
               Greensboro, NC  27416

Email or otherwise contact County Commissioners



Letters to the Editor

It is imperative that we draw attention to our  battle against this plant.   We cannot rely on yard signs and word of mouth alone to get our message out.  We need ALL of Guilford County to be aware of what big business is trying to do to us.  The County Commissioners do pay attention to the media--They read the N&R.

News & Record 

Suggest you keep it simple, possibly only 100 words or less.  Please blind CC noasphaltplant@yahoo.com so we can keep a count of the number of letters.  This will also let us know how many the N&R is actually publishing.  Express your concerns, comment or mention something that happened at the May 9th meeting, anything that will draw attention to our fight. 
You must include your name, home street address and a daytime phone number.  Maximum length is 200 words.  All letters are subject to editing.  They will not publish unsigned letters.  One letter is allowed per writer every 30 days.  (Note-if you have a cell # please give them that number so they can reach you quickly!) 
Editorial page:  373-7052
By mail: Letters to the Editor
               The News & Record
               P O Box 20848                             Greensboro, NC  27420
               By fax:  373-7067
Questions:  373-7037

Letters to the Rhino Times are also encouraged.

Rhino Times

letters@rhinotimes.net Sound of the beep:  273-0898
Another important email we need to send:
Alma Adams

District 58, NC House of Representatives

She lives in Liberty Valley, a neighborhood that stands to be greatly impacted by this asphalt plant.  Please email her and ask that she help us in any way possible. She should be equally as outraged as the rest of us!!

Guilford County Planning Department

I encourage everyone to send a letter to the Planning and Development Director, Mr. K. Greg Niles regarding the rezoning and the asphalt plant.   Please, no email because it's just too easy to ignore!!!  I realize snail mail takes a bit more time and effort, but I believe it will be much more effective and much more difficult to ignore.


K. Greg Niles

Director, Planning & Development

P O Box 3427

Greensboro, NC  27402

gniles@co.guilford.nc.us (if you must)



  1. Traffic, safety, school children on buses and teenage drivers.
  2. NC DOT proposed 421 interchanges @ Williams Dairy Rd, and Woody Mill Rd, and the proposed closing of feeder roads (our shortcuts) onto 421- Hagan Stone Park Rd. and Harmont Rd. 
  3. Heavy industrial zoning is not consistent with the current growth and development we are experiencing
  4. Environmental impact- this is an area I haven't had time to explore.  I am sure the proponents of the asphalt plant have provided some comment on this issue. 


Petition Drive

If you have not signed a petition and wish to do so, or if you are willing to canvas your neighborhood or some other area please contact:   Jane Sutton  676-7177   lipstick1 @ mac.com




Rene Staley


5/9/07 PB Request:

Thanks to everyone who attended the February 14 Planning Board meeting. At that meeting, the Planning Board voted 4-3 to deny a rezoning request related to a proposed asphalt plant. About 200 area residents were there. Bill and Renee Staley were in the forefront of this effort, but had a lot of backup. Read on for more information on this subject.


News 2 Report and Video: Click HERE


Below is a collection of ideas and resources submitted in response to Lynco email alerts on the asphalt plant issue. In addition to input by Lynwood Lakes area residents, we heard from a number of persons in the Forest Oaks area and some of the comments below are from this source.


1. Hold an emergency special session for Lynco to make sure that everyone in the neighborhood is aware of the situation (maybe tonight after the water/sewer discussion).


2. Reach out to the other home owners associations to make sure that they know what's going on along with their residents.


3. Make sure that any residential real estate developers building near us know what's going on. They should have some pull with the local county planners.


4. Letters to paper and news stations reminding them that fight is not over and that the rest of the community at large needs to hear the story.



Some FACTS that should be presented to oppose the zoning:


1) How many school buses travel on Liberty Road - get that info from the Guilford County Transportation Office.

2) Get all the police reports of accidents involving the trucks from the businesses near the proposed asphalt plant area.

3) How many homes do we have in that are - including Lynwood Lakes and Forest Oaks area - and how far away are they from the proposed zoning area.

4) When are those accesses to 421 going to be closed in preparation for the new interstate on 421 - causing more traffic.











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