Saturday February 24, 2018
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Lynwood Lakes License Plates Available

Plates are $5 each. Use the contact form, or call any board member to purchase them.

Last Update: 5/23/2010

Water and sewer: Right of way
A useful link about eminent domain -

Flood Plain/Insurance changes
We received a couple of emails from Lynwood residents alerting us that they had received messages from their insurance company saying that they would be required to carry flood insurance due to changes in FEMA's definition of what constitutes higher risk flood areas. This could affect all houses around the lakes.
For more information, check back here or use the Contact page and we will put you in touch with the other residents who are researching this issue.

Take out those Bass
Please do not "catch and release" small bass in the Big Lake. The bass are eating all the brim and crappie hatchling and there’s still not enough food for the bass, so they tend to stay small. Either allow them to die before putting them back or move them to the small lake.

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