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Last Update: 12/01/2007

The Latest
For the latest Community Development news, check the Southeast Guilford Community Association website:

Asphalt Plant
Click for asphalt plant updates

City Water and Sewer Project
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421 Project
The Guilford County Planning Board is reportedly trying to contact owners of the abandoned houses on Harmont with a view to having those buildings razed.

UPDATE: 8/2007:The houses are GONE.

The completion date for the new 421 interchanges is projected for 2011 to 2013. It is hoped that existing access points, such as Harmont, will be left open until the interchanges are finished. More information:
Click here for the latest news.

Town Hall Meeting 02/2007
Click Here to download Adobe PDF version of slide show from Town Meeting

The following are notes taken at the Town Hall meeting held Thursday night, 2/22/2007. The meeting was organized by the Southeast Guilford Community Association. The accuracy of these notes is not guaranteed. 

  • The purpose of the SEGCA is to serve as a voice for area residents in matters affecting development activities in SE Guilford County. The type of development targeted includes retail stores, restaurants, office space and industrial. Schools and school needs are also a focus. 

These development issues were discussed: 

  • Old Winn-Dixie Store

  • The owner has erected a sign indicating that “Spring Market” is coming soon. A date of May, 2007 was mentioned (see a picture of the sign here): PICTURE

  • Several speakers expressed skepticism concerning the reality of this announcement. However, there has been some activity at the store recently, including the placement of a large dumpster out front.

  • UPDATE 10/2007: It's not going to happen. New sigh up now. Looking for tenants.

The grading of the lot opposite Forest Oaks Drive has been completed and the building has been erected.

UPDATE 9/2007: Subway open for business.


Food Lion
Representatives of the developer spoke and presented graphical representations of a Food Lion store proposed for a location off Liberty Road, diagonally across from the Subway site and to the left of the site where town homes are being built.


The developer described the store as “upscale” and indicated it would be one of the largest and nicest Food Lion stores in NC. Projected opening in February, 2008 or sooner. However, re-zoning of the 4 acre tract is a pre-requisite.


UPDATE 3/8/2007

Food Lion Withdraws Offer

Food Lion has withdrawn its offer for land on Liberty Road, scrapping plans for a shopping center that was to open in the fall. Developer Brantley Tillman cites traffic flow changes that would result from the new on-ramps proposed for Highway 421 in the next five years.

"Because of the Woody Mill interchange, the traffic pattern is going to change, and everybody would have to pass another store to get to our store," Tillman says.

"Food Lion doesn't want to be in the middle of the block. ... They don't want me to spend $8 million and be out-positioned in the market. They're afraid if we go there, we could be."

The grocery store chain's withdrawal cancels plans for a pharmacy and other retail shops, too. "I need to have an anchor to draw traffic", Tillman says.

He points out that he handles the real estate part of a deal, but Food Lion's operations and financial departments must sign on. "I understand their point," Tillman says. He had conducted traffic studies to determine whether a stoplight could be installed in front of the store on Liberty Road. "It's hard to justify a light, and without a light, it could be difficult getting in and out, especially for big trucks."

Tillman is still searching for land in this area, preferably off Liberty Road, he says. He is looking at parcels on Woody Mill but prefers to keep details confidential until serious negotiations are under way.

"I'm determined to put something out there, and the store will be exactly the same" as the proposed one outside Forest Oaks. "I've just got to find somewhere to put it. But when I build a store, I own it, and I take care of it. I want it to be a store I'm proud of and that you can be proud of."

In the meantime, he says, "I appreciate all the support."

UPDATE 10/15/2007: The revised Food Lion location is the corner of Woody Mill and Liberty. Opening date is targeted as November of 2008. 6 shops and an out parcel (drug store likely) are included in the plans.

Weathersbee Shopping Center
A potential large scale strip shopping center, anchored by Lowe’s Foods, is envisioned for a 40+ acre site off Woody Mill Road near Liberty Rd. Development is contingent on the availability of water and sewer. The developer is willing to pay up to $750,000 to connect plus usage fees. A petition supporting such water and sewer extension is being circulated. Map:
Click here

UPDATE 10/15/2007: Store is still planned. Food Lion developer expresses confidence that W&S will be in place by 10/08.

Stone Gables
A retail center will be included in front of the new condos being constructed off Liberty Road near Forest Oaks Drive. Early tenants are Angelina's Pizza and Choice Cuts hair salon. (10/15/2007)

Bond referendums are expected on the 11/2007 ballot to fund the renovation of SEHS and SEMS, the conversion of Alamance elementary to a K-8 school and the construction of a new K-8 facility. Organized sports would be offered only through the middle school, but would be available to K-8 students.

These would be the first K-8s in the county and concern was expressed as to whether this is the correct environment for students in their early teens. 


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